Denver Singer-Songwriter Zanya Laurence Releases New Single ‘Left Behind’

Zanya Laurence, who currently resides in Denver, is preparing to release her fifth music project. However, it is only the most recent chapter in her musical adventure.

Zanya has integrated her artistic writing and fresh emotion into the lyrics found on her independent releases, “Soul Theory”, “Always”, “Stardust” and “In My Head”, recorded at her studio Soul Spot Music, and has been inspired by R&B/Soul/Jazz and Pop.

After returning to Albuquerque from Los Angeles, she was nominated for several New Mexico Music Awards while performing in the area and promoting her radio single, “Sunday.” Prior to that, she graduated from the Musician’s Institute’s Vocal Institute of Technology in Hollywood, CA, with training in theory and music business, while also performing locally with her band.

Born in southern California and raised in New Mexico, her musical adventure began with her father teaching her how to play the classical guitar. She began her musical career in choir and band, then moved on to writing and recording originals, eventually maturing into the image she projects in her work today.

Even though she was compared to other artists, her relaxed style and distinct voice can be heard through her heartfelt expression, phrasing, and compassionate delivery.

At the end of the day, Zanya’s sound is truly unique.

Listen to Zanya Laurence’s brand-new single “Left Behind” below.


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