Design A Poster For ‘Raid 2: Berandal’ To Win An Xbox | Film News

‘Raid 2’ announce aspiring artists can win prizes by creating poster for the film


Aspiring artists are being given the chance to have their artwork displayed at Brixton’s Ritzy Cinema and in with a chance of winning an Xbox by designing a poster for upcoming film Raid 2. The martial arts film tells the story of Rama, a S.W.A.T member turned undercover agent as he infiltrates the Bagun crime family in an attempt to uncover the crooked police officers helping the gang. He is forced to climb the ranks in order to find these crooks out, however he risks being found out.


The Indonesian action film is directed by Gareth Evans. Shortlisted posters will be decided by veteran artist Jock, with only a final few to be put on display. The film will be released in UK cinemas on April 11, 2014. Visit the Raid 2 Fan Art website for the competition guidelines, the closing date for submission is April 6




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