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Since 2010, Minions have invaded our lives. Filling shelves in toy stores, plastered on cereal boxes, emblazoned on children’s chests, the small yellow creations have quite obviously become a symbol of success. This success has materialised at box office, allowing Despicable Me to become the top-grossing animated film franchise ever.


Illumination’s Despicable Me 3 has pushed the franchise to a $3.528 billion global total after a $21.2 million weekend. Its total now surpasses the Shrek universe which sees five films (including Puss In Boots) culminate in a more than respectable $3.51 billion total.


Minions, the only film in the franchise to boast an above $1 billion success, is the second highest grossing animated film of all time, behind Disney’s Frozen which has been etched into the nightmares of every adult within its reach. Despicable Me 3 currently boasts a nearly $880 million total, and with Italy, Turkey, and Greece yet to premiere the picture, there’s hope it can further increase its numbers.


Of course, there is a Minions 2 slated for 2020 release, so the franchise is bound to create a significant gap between its opposition. There’s no longer doubt whether installments will be successful, especially considering the seven year life it has already lived without falter.


The franchise’s success is down to a multitude of reasons; the show’s marketing, as hinted, has allowed minions to pervade every walk of life, forcing it a staple of children’s interests; the budgets are low, Minions only spending $74 million; it’s fun. Quite simply, most audiences enjoy it, whether young or old. Powerhouses like Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig provide the talent needed to avoid the films becoming just another animated movie.


Despicable Me’s success will undoubtedly continue, so expect more record-breaking news to come. Until then, enjoy Despicable Me 3 for yourself in theatres. Watch the trailer below.




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