Did Jay Park Sign With ROC Nation? | Music News


All signs are pointing to popular hip-hop artist and hip-hop label AOMG founder, Jay Park, joining Jay-Z’s label!


Over the past couple of months, Jay has been meeting up with people from ROC Nation, as documented on his Instagram account. On the 13th episode of The Glow Up Podcast, he also hinted at “something big that’s about to happen” while sharing about his recent vists to the US.


His close celebrity friends, rapper Dok2 and jewelry designer Ben Baller, recently let it slip on a Instagram live broadcast, “Did you hear that Jay signed with ROC?


ROC Nation is an American record label founded by Jay-Z and currently home to huge artists like Rihanna, Future, Shakira, DJ Khaled, Meek Mill and more.


Jay would be a great candidate to sign with ROC Nation because he isn’t restricted by language barriers, as he was born and raised in Washington, and because his style of music and brand matches up well with ROC Nation. In fact, he collaborated with Remy Ma and Fat Joe last August for an Asian remix of All The Way Up.



This isn’t the first time a Korean artist has tried to break into the American music market; Girls’ Generation, T-ARA, Wonder Girls, Se7en and BoA have all made valiant attempts that fell a little dry with the American crowds. But with the increasingly global K-pop and K-hip-hop market, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jay Park succeeded and it would be a welcome score for South Korea.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed for some good news from Jay and ROC Nation soon!



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