Did You Spot Daniel Craig In His ‘The Force Awakens’ Cameo? | Film News



As Daniel Craig was shooting Spectre right next to Star Wars rumours were rife of a small cameo. At the time Craig denied all the rumours and we moved on, but he wasn’t being completely truthful.


Explaining were Craig appears is a bit of a spoiler for the film so don’t read on if you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet!


So as it was rumoured Craig does play a Stormtrooper, specifically the one being Jedi mind-tricked by Daisy Ridley‘s Rey. You don’t see his face and only hear his Stormtrooper voice but he has the line ‘I’ll tighten those restraints scanvenger scum‘. The Jedi mind trick over the Stormtrooper is actually a great comic moment especially, as instructed, he drops his blaster as he walks out. However no Stormtroopers were spotted in Spectre.



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