Die Antwoord Reveal Details About Final Album ’27’ | Music News


After debuting their out-of-this-world Alien video, Die Antwoord have shared details of their next (and final) studio album, to be “released unusually over the next year or so“.


The South African hip-hop group took to Twitter to announce that contrary to earlier reports which stated their EP would be called The Book of Zef, the follow-up to 2016’s Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid will actually be titled 27 and feature “27 songs and many collaborations with our favourite artists in the world“, precising that “most of these artists are (still) kinda unknown and from South Africa“.


The group added that the upcoming album will “be released as a 10 track soundtrack” for a new feature film that they are currently working on. Although no release date has not been announced yet, we already know the name of the first single, “Golden Dawn“, and we look forward to learning more.







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