‘Die Hard 6’ – John McClane Origin Story Most Likely Outcome | Film News



Early speculation in Hollywood suggests that Die Hard 6 could soon become a possibility with the main focus centred upon John McClane’s origin story set in 1970s New York City. Bruce Willis has been rumoured to reprise his iconic role as NYPD police cop John McClane with Die Hard 4.0 director Len Wiseman already scheduled to join the upcoming project.


The Die Hard franchise has recently earned a negative reputation amongst both audience members and film critics with disappointing reviews concerning A Good Day to Die Hard as the film lacked good quality content as well as being over consumed with unnecessary violence.


The main objective for the sixth installment is to make sure the narrative keeps a fresh perspective on the McClane character and doesn’t fall into the trap in repeating the same material which has already been done before in the previous Die Hard films.


It is still early days whether Die Hard 6 will become a reality as many details regarding the film still remain uncertain and has not been officially confirmed yet by its producers. However the notion of a young John McClane backstory has been able to generate renewed excitement and enthusiasm for the Die Hard brand and in the meantime help revitalise this ageing franchise with new ideas.



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