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According to Peckham singer, songwriter and musician Dionne Reid, “soundcheck is my reintroduction”, but what is Soundcheck? Soundcheck is Reid’s latest mixtape, which she says, was recorded in her home-studio in South London, and is described as a “raw unmastered record of Dionne’s most remarkable journey as a young woman and musician who found her way“.


The mixtape features soulful reggae infused “Never Leave”, with Dionne describing the motive behind the song saying, “I wanted to express real unapologetic love on this record”. Also featured on the mixtape is the poignant “Testing”, and all together, Soundcheck is packed with beautiful horns, deep bass, warm soulful fusions and reggae foundations. “I want to use my voice to spread the message of love, confidence, empowerment and understanding“, Reid attests.


Listen to Soundcheck in full below.




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