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Dirty Projectors decided to surprise fans with the early release of its new self-titled album. Dirty Projectors was due on Friday but is now available on most streaming platforms and through CD/Standard EP/and Deluxe Double EP in stores. Ooh la la!


The band is back in saddle with this nine-track album. Songs “Keep Your Name”, “Little Bubble” and “Cool Your Heart” were released over the last six months, but before then, it kind of felt like forever since we’d had any music news. “Four years, seven months and eleven days — long enough!” since their last album, Swing Lo Magellan, in 2012, as the band mentions on socials.



While Dirty Projectors’ esthetics have changed quite a bit, their work remains incredibly unpredictable, complex and avant-garde in its style and melodies. You can hear a lot of voice variations and curious beats in these tracks, however, this album doesn’t feature any female voices, unlike some of their past releases.


Whether its fans, collaborating artists such as D∆WN, featuring on “Cool Your Heart”, or Solange who co-wrote that track, a lot of people have shown support to David Longstreth and this outstanding project; he writes on Twitter “Thanks for the love y’all. Making this album has been such a journey—I’m happy to get to share it with you now“.



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