Discover The Enchanting Sound Of Pinfeather With ‘Symbols & Signs’

Sometimes, magic happens in the most unexpected places. For Marije, Masha, and Jeremy, it was on a cold winter evening that they discovered their musical destiny, joining their talents to create something extraordinary.

Pinfeather, the daring trio whose reputation has set the underground scene ablaze, strike again with a spellbinding sound “Symbols & Signs” that awakens the senses and feeds the soul.

Pinfeather’s melodies weave a rich sonic tapestry, skillfully blending influences of modern folk and traditional Americana. Marije de Vries, Masha Schenkel, and Jeremy Johnson explore the depths of emotion through subtle instrumentation, where vocal harmonies blend seamlessly with enveloping guitar chords.

Their latest track, “Symbols & Signs” transports the listener on a sensory journey through ever-changing sonic landscapes, evoking the sweetness of spring and the melancholy of winter.

Pinfeather is not just the product of musical collaboration but also the tale of singular musical destinies. Marije de Vries, hailing from Leeuwarden, set European stages ablaze with its fusion of modern folk and traditional American music.

Masha Schenkel, raised in the fertile lands of Groningen, found her path later in life but with a consuming passion for vocal harmony. As for Jeremy Johnson, a chance encounter with music at an Irish pub changed the course of his life, propelling him into the exhilarating world of musical creation.

With the release of “Symbols & Signs” Pinfeather heralds a new era of creativity and musical exploration. This track promises to sweep listeners into a whirlwind of emotions and sensations.

As the trio prepares for a five-date tour in the Netherlands, the spotlight turns to them, poised to capture the brilliance of their talent on stage and on the airwaves.

Listen “Symbols & Signs” below!


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