Disney Premieres Trailer For ‘Big Hero 6’ | Film Trailer

Disney film ‘Big Hero 6’ premieres trailer


The first official trailer for Disney film Big Hero 6, developed from a Marvel Comic has premiered online, and this will be the first animated film made by Marvel Comic. Hiro Hamada is a robotics genius who finds himself embroiled in a criminal plot to destroy the technology city San Fransokyo. He and his best friend robot Baymax join a group of superheroes recruited by the government to protect the city.


Big Hero 6 will be Disney’s 54th animated feature in Walt Disney’s Animated Classics series. The animated characters will be voiced by Josh Hutcherson, Samuel L. Jackson, Freddie Highmore, T.J Miller, Maya Rudolph and Jamie Chung, while the film will be directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams. It will be released in UK cinemas early 2015.





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