Disney / Sony Dispute Over Spider-Man Creates Concern For Fans | Film News


What is going to happen to our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man now? That is the big question fans have been asking since Disney and Sony have reportedly split over their web-slinging deal.


In February 2015, Disney, Sony and Marvel Studios signed the deal after Sony’s latest Spider-Man film wasn’t as successful as expected. The executive producers of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 then decided to sign a five-movie deal with Marvel. Kevin Feige, MCU’s president, would be able to use Sony’s Spider-Man in Marvel’s films and Sony would finance Spider-Man’s solo films completely.


The deal was working until the five films came out and the contract ended. According to Deadline, Disney tried to change the conditions of the deal and asked to co-produce the next Spider-Man films. Sony then tried to leave Disney out of the deal.


The arguments between the companies have lead them to a conflictive ‘breakup’ and it seems like they haven’t been able to reach an agreement yet on how they are going to share the character of Spider-Man. This has obviously been a cause of great concern to fans, who are worried about Spider-Man’s future on the big screen.


However, Tom Holland is still tapped up to star in two other solo Spider-Man films produced by Sony, so fans can breathe a sigh of relief for now. Hopefully, Marvel and Sony will come to terms soon and people will be able to enjoy the neighbourhood’s favourite superhero for much longer.



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