Dive Into The Soulful Melodies Of Kristie Killick On ‘French Wine’

Kristie Killick, the rising star in the R&B scene, has just released her latest single, “French Wine“.

This new track encapsulates her signature soulful melodies and evocative lyrics, diving deep into the complexities of unexpected romantic encounters. The song opens with a magnetic attraction between two people, described with sultry tones and rich imagery, comparing the experience to the depth and sophistication of French wine.

“French Wine” transitions from the initial thrill of connection to the poignant solitude of longing. Kristie’s velvety vocals masterfully convey both passion and melancholy. The chorus, repeating ‘like French wine’, evokes the richness and complexity of a fine vintage.

Just as French wine matures and deepens with time, the emotions in Kristie’s lyrics evolve, reflecting the multifaceted nature of human connections. The soul-rich production and Kristie’s smooth vocals create an auditory experience that is both sexy and smooth.

Kristie Killick is known for her soulful, sultry tones and witty word-play, sharing her experiences of love, loss, and life. “Music has always helped me process the wickedness of life. Life can be cruel but what a beautiful twist that I can make that into a piece of art. It’s the best therapy I’ve ever had,” she says.

Her debut single, “Sunflowers”, received radio play from BBC 1Xtra, BBC London with Claira Hermet, and BBC Introducing Berkshire. Since then, Kristie has participated in the ‘Community Studio’ project courtesy of SNS X Nike and received support from Help Musicians in 2023. Starting 2024 as a Kindred Resident alongside other upcoming female talents, Kristie has an exciting year ahead.

Kristie has been featured by GUAP, NWmag, Ones To Watch, and Wordplay Magazine. Her collaborations with Roska have been highlighted by notable DJs like Snoochie Shy, Conducta, and DJ EZ. Kristie was also chosen to perform at the Nike store in Shepherd’s Bush, supporting the Grenfell Athletic Charity release.

We invite you to immerse yourself in Kristie Killick’s latest release and savor every moment of this exquisite musical journey. Listen to it below.


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