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Dodie Clark, known as Dodie by many, is what I would call the embodiment of sweet. The image that she puts across often reeks of innocence and a child-like playfulness. Of course, not everything is sunshine and lollipops, whether that’s with Dodie or the video that’s just been released to accompany bittersweet track “Intertwined”.


The video starts off innocent enough with a pink house and its inhabitants, Barbie and Ken. Things start to take a turn when the camera shows Barbie with scissors in her hand; cut to a bald Barbie, which is disturbing enough without the rest of the visuals adding more and more layers of horror.


“I am so happy about the slight confusion (and possible controversy) towards the intertwined video! It’s doing exactly what the song intended […] I wrote it intending to be a lil bit f***ed up”, Dodie quipped on Twitter.


“Intertwined” was originally posted on Dodie’s YouTube channel on April 23, 2016 and is the title track of Dodie’s debut EP. After the song is played in a room adorned with fairy lights, Dodie explains that the idea was to write something which could be used in a short film or movie, using “ideas of what I would be like if I was in love right now”.



To see how the video was created, a “making of” can be found by clicking here.


Header image taken from music video for “Intertwined”.



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