Dominican Artist Navy Releases New Single ‘Diamonds’

Being from a small island instills even greater ambitions and hopes. NAVY is a Dominica native who has been acting and singing since she was a child. She’d get up early in the mornings to watch VH1, and many of the artists she’d seen there would eventually inspire her own work.

She has just released a new single titled “Diamonds”, which she describes as a “culturally important and musically exceptional new track” that combines an irresistible songwriting style and a powerful message for change. She adds that, “Diamonds is a radical hip hop hymn where I look at the historical abuse of black people and thelack of value they held to the oppressors“.

When she was younger and in her “dreaming phase” as she likes to refer to it, she would spend her days listening to the radio, fantasising that one day her voice would be heard.

Working on a cruise ship gave her experience performing in front of crowds and with many styles of music, which gave her the confidence to define her sound and craft afterwards. “My mum really pushed me to do this, she was the first to believe in me. She took me to classical training and all sorts of dancing classes,” Navy explains.

NAVY is very concerned about making sure that her Caribbean background and traditions are felt and heard in her music. Her cadence is distinct on one of her upcoming singles “LMK”, which offers R&B tones coupled with feelings from her home.

She was inspired by the global lockdown to focus and record new work, some of which will be featured on her upcoming EP, which she describes as such, “This EP actually covers various phases of my life from love to beef and it showed me what I can do“.

Listen to “Diamonds” here:


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