Don Cheadle Is Miles Davis In New Image For ‘Miles Ahead’ | Film News

Don Cheadle is Miles Davis in newly released image for ‘Miles Ahead’


Oscar Award winner and actor extraordinaire Don Cheadle is Miles Davis in a newly released image for the film Miles Ahead. The film will look at the five-year period when the legendary Jazz musician did not play music also known as his silent period. His difficult marriage to Frances Taylor Davis will also be looked at in depth, as well as the moments leading up to his 1969 album In a Silent Way. Cheadle has been working on this project for almost a decade, he will also direct the film. Cheadle said, “I’m not interested by all things that a traditional biopic does. I want to tell a story that’s full of his music that feels impressionistic in all his musical styles, influences and ideas“. The film will be released in 2015.



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