Double-Talk – Stay Tonight | New Music


Portland’s up and coming duo Jon Shadel and Sam Cordes, aka Double-Talk, who formed in March, have got a brand new dance-pop anthem out that could be described as the polar opposite of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. The new track is entitled “Stay Tonight” and is off the duo’s forthcoming EP Evenings & Weekends which is set to be released this summer.


“Stay Tonight” has a steady beat throughout, with a firm and bold bass line and fluid vocals overlaying. The images behind the song are all about the times you are out in a club and see someone that gives you butterflies and makes you feel all giddy, however the feeling is not mutual and you end up going home alone, eating left overs and watching The Notebook until you pass out. So as you can see, these guys are not your standard musicians singing about one night stands and good times! However I think that will soon change with the release of their new EP, which I’m sure will bring the ladies swooning and they could soon take Portland by storm. You can check out “Stay Tonight” below.




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