Drake Sheds New Light On Failed J Lo Relationship? | Music News


Already forgot about these two? Well, you might want to revisit that thought! Things look like they are heating up between the duo and, believe me, not in the way you would have wished they were.


Following the Drake/J Lo‘s dating rumour, ex Rihanna serving up a bit of a diva fire, J Lo’s out of the blue upgrade to a brand new phone number and eventually getting herself a new boyfriend sadly shut down any rumours about Drake/J Lo dating, we believed it was all over and there was no room for anything else to kick off. Well, dead wrong!


Drake’s new album, More Life, came out and there are way too many J Lo references for us, the fans, to leave unnoticed. Like, in one of Drake’s songs, called Free Smoke, he raps “I drunk text J-Lo/Old number, so it bounce back” which, if we have to be honest, sounds a lot like a mad ex with feelings and some unfinished business, right?!


Then listen to his other track, titled Teenage Fever, where he’s quite open about J Lo potentially being his teenage dream girlfriend. Hot mama – J Lo – who wouldn’t have dreamed of her?!


Finally, the air is cleared and everything is out on the table. We can all sleep well tonight knowing that the rumour wasn’t so much of a rumour! Thanks, Drake!



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