Dutch Artist And Producer Femke Unveils New Song ‘Love Somebody Else’

Emerging artist Femke has unveiled her latest offering, “Love Somebody Else”, on August 4, 2023.

The poignant track, co-crafted alongside Deanna Walker and Tyler James Bellinger, delves deep into the complexities of relationships.

“Though my songs are intensely personal, I’ve always striven to make them universally relatable,” shares the artist. “It’s about falling for an image of someone and later realizing that they were never really that person; they just painted a facade that made you believe so.”

Throughout her academic tenure, Femke has been a beacon of excellence. This multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist has a litany of accolades to her name.

A shining moment in her academic pursuits was being awarded a full scholarship to the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston, following her triumph in the regional finals of the Netherlands’ Grand Pop Prize.

She later honed her craft under the mentorship of the iconic Lin Manuel Miranda during her time with the Johnny Mercer Foundation at Northwestern University in Chicago.

The accolades for Femke don’t just stop at academics. In 2014, she was honored with a Latin Grammy for her contribution to the Beto Cuevas track, “Goodbye”, from the Transformation album.

Furthermore, her collaborative effort with Jade Halliwell on the track “Smoke” recently clinched the Song of the Year title at the British Country Music Awards.

Transitioning from Los Angeles to Nashville, Femke embarked on a new chapter, establishing her own studio. Since 2017, her collaboration with Tone Tree Songs has flourished, fostering a space for artists to release their authentic sounds and maintain their distinct artistic vision.

On her musical aspirations, she reflects, “I aim to reach out to those who feel adrift, ensuring they feel truly seen and understood.”

Experience the emotional depth of “Love Somebody Else” by Femke below!



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