East Coast Singer, Songwriter And Producer Bonnie The Planet Has Released ‘Ariel’

Singer, songwriter and producer Bonnie The Planet has unveiled her new track titled “Ariel”.

Born and raised in modest suburb near New York City, Bonnie The Planet is a passionate introvert, INFP (Myers Briggs personality type), 4w5 (enneagram type), and scattered artist.

She has taught herself the right way to sing, write and producer her own songs. Matching alternative and experimental pop along indie rock and r&b undertones, the musician creates her own world.

Bonnie The Planet draws her inspiration from notable artists including Fiona Apple, Bob Marley, Jean Dawson and Grimes.

To write her new single “Ariel”, the young artist was looking to break free from her usual sad songs, so she took a seat at her desk and produced an upbeat title.

Even if sad songs have always a great sensitivity, Bonnie The Planet was searching to create something lively and different.

With the freshly released song, the artist has found the just balance between gloomy tones and boppy energy, resulting in a juxtaposing of cheerful instrumentations with darker lyrics appreciate by Bonne The Planet herself.

Speaking about the process behind the writing of the lyrics, she comments “I like to leave the lyrics up to interpretation always, and writing this one in particular I was truly in a flow state. “My hair smells like casket / The saints are all on the blacklist” just came out, and I went with my gut and kept it in. Added a whole new layer to what was already there for me”.

Listen to “Ariel” here:


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