East London Rapper Janga Drops New Single ‘Never Enough’

Emerging London-based rapper Janga has unveiled a compelling new single, “Never Enough“, in collaboration with the talented singer-songwriter Cindy B. This poignant track delves into the struggle of grappling with life’s tribulations, and the perpetual quest for fulfillment often tainted by self-doubt.

With a bold stroke of vulnerability, Janga invites listeners into his intimate sphere, sharing his deepest sentiments and perspectives. The song broaches global issues such as gang violence, authoritarianism, equality, and the importance of voicing one’s opinions fearlessly.

Following Janga’s candid verses, Cindy B’s dulcet tones echo the heartache of deception, encapsulating the despair that can lead one to contemplate surrendering. The underlying message of the song is a powerful reminder of the universality of these emotions, reassuring listeners that they are not alone in their struggles.

Raised in a vibrant family, Janga’s exposure to a diverse array of music genres began at a tender age. Born in East London to Congolese parents, his eclectic taste spans decades, with Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles topping his list of influential artists.

After spending his formative years in London, Janga embarked on a new journey in Northampton, where he commenced his undergraduate studies. His academic pursuits paralleled an ambitious quest to master multiple languages, resulting in extensive periods spent living in both France and Spain.

Having dabbled in rapping for several years as a hobby, Janga made the decisive move to stake his claim in the music industry in late 2019. He debuted with the track “Next Level” in 2020 to positive acclaim. Since then, his artistic journey has been a continuous evolution of delighting his fans.

Discover his latest single below:


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