Ecuadorian Latin Princess Dayaní Unveils New Single ‘Signs’

A new dynamic voice emerges on the music scene with a captivating single “Signs“. Inspired by a bold blend of rhythms, Dayaní pushes the boundaries of Latin and dancehall music, offering an innovative sonic experience.

Through its irresistible rhythms, deeply moving lyrics, and energizing melodies, “Signs” highlights Dayaní’s skills and potential in her craft, showcasing her unmatched musical talent and creativity.

Taking inspiration from her preferred musicians, including Karol G, Shakira, and Paloma Mami, Dayaní injects her distinct style into each note, producing a song that deeply connects with audiences of diverse backgrounds.

As a passionate artist, her captivating story brings additional dimensions to her artistic expression. Raised in a musical environment, especially Latin music, Dayaní’s passion began at a young age. She would spend hours with her headphones, dreaming of performing her own songs on stage someday.

When Dayaní was 10 years old, her family relocated to Australia, which broadened her musical horizons to include the realms of RnB and HipHop.

Her distinct style seamlessly merges these musical worlds, reflecting her diverse background and experiences. Beyond the music, her personal narrative adds further layers to her artistry. She incorporates a Spanglish fusion into her music, Dayaní persists in challenging the conventional boundaries.

Now making her mark on the international stage, Dayaní’s latest release cements her status as a rising star in the industry. With performances at prestigious events like the 808 Glass Island in Sydney Harbor, her trajectory is set for greater heights.

With “Signs” now available on all major streaming platforms, listeners worldwide have the opportunity to experience the magic of Dayaní’s latest masterpiece.

Listen to “Signs” below!


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