Ed Sheeran + Justin Bieber – I Don’t Care | Music Video


Seven days ago Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber releasd one of the most awaited collaboration in pop music, dropping their single “I Don’t Care” (who wasn’t waiting for it?) and finally today, May 17, they released the accompanying music video and it’s one of the strangest clips from either artist’s career.


As with any major music video release on YouTube these days, “I Don’t Care” dropped on the platform via YouTube Premiere, which allows fans to bookmark the video URL and interact in a live chatroom up to several hours before the set premiere time. The interface also gives artists the option to show preview images over the video widget before the clip is released.


On Thursday, Sheeran and Bieber dropped two video teasers for “I Don’t Care”, and it gave an idea of what the video could have been. In the clips, Sheeran is shown walking around Tokyo in a panda suit, while Bieber is dressed in a cowboy outfit in front of a green screen and then changes into a bear suit. But the video was even more than this.


In the full teaser, Bieber dresses up as a bear and an ice cream (that could be eaten by a dinosaur, but he’s chill about it). He and Sheeran wear cowboy outfits too. The entire thing is shot on a green scene, and there’s changing background footage and cartoons playing the entire time. Bieber and Sheeran dance in bear costumes, get Photoshopped onto people’s heads, etc. It is absolutely the most trippy thing you will watch today. Enjoy the footage here below.





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