Ed Sheeran Records First EDM Track | Music News


The extremely talented Ed Sheeran who is known for his soft vocals and guitar playing has switched roles completely around and has recorded his first EDM track. He has recorded with Martin Garrix and named the track “Rewind Repeat It”. Now, I am not so sure on this, I have heard dance remixes of Ed’s music which have been great but a whole EDM track isn’t what I would expect from Ed, although its great he is trying and experiencing new things.


The singer uploaded a picture of the pair in the studio with the caption, “finished up my very first EDM song with Martin Garrix, brilliant experience, look forward to you hearing it”, with Martin Garrix describing it as “challenging” saying “I learnt how to work more with a poppy vocal, a different kind of vocal. Me as a house artist is not really used to a vocal like what he gave me. It was very challenging but I am super excited for this record”. We shall wait in anticipation for the first release of Ed Sheeran’s EDM record.



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