Electro Pop Band KOKO Release New Single ‘Eyes So Wide’ | Music News


After releasing their effervescent debut single “Freak” in November, 2019, electro-pop band KOKO has just dropped their latest track “Eyes So Wide”, starting the new year in the best way.


This captivating electro-pop track moves from party-mode to after-party comedown across a danceable terrain, and its striking chords are perfectly mingled with the lead singer Oliver Garland’s smooth vocals.


Capturing the moment the band first met, KOKO said about their latest release that “Eyes So Wide is a song about lust. It’s when you lust after someone from the moment you meet them and you want to lose all of your inhibitions with that person“.


KOKO is a Bristol-based band and its three members have been jamming together since when they first met at a party in 2017, starting their musical career from Oliver’s dad’s garage. Since then, the idea pervading their songwriting is to make people feel connected to their music.


As they said, “Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. With every track, we always try to imagine hearing it at 4am in a field with a load of people”. Their latest single is definitely going to be on your Friday and Saturday night playlist.


Listen to “Eyes So Wide” here:




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