Elizabeth Banks To Direct ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot | Film News



After having a surprising amount of box office success with her directorial debut Pitch Perfect 2 earlier this year, Elizabeth Banks is now as in-demand behind the camera as she is in front of it. With Universal currently developing a third Pitch Perfect movie (currently without an announced director – a subtle hint they want her back) as well as Banks being attached as director to an adaptation of fantasy novel Red Queen, it would seem like Banks has no more room on her busy schedule.


Apparently not, as she is in talks with Sony Pictures to direct a big-screen reboot of the Charlie’s Angels franchise. The two previous films based on the cult TV series, from 2000 and 2003, weren’t exactly commercial failures, but the sequel (Full Throttle) grossed $5 million less than its predecessor on a much bigger budget – barely breaking even, despite a healthy $259 million worldwide take. Now, the first film is remembered solely for having Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Women” on the soundtrack.


After a TV reboot that was cancelled after only four episodes, Sony are hoping that Banks will work wonders for the franchise – after all, she made a box office smash out of a tiny cult film for her debut, so surely she can replicate that success here?



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