Ella Eyre – Come Back | Music Video


Now Ladies this is how it is done… BRIT award winner Ella Eyre never fails to show that she really is a kick ass, strong and incredibly talented women, and her brand new video for “Come Back” just accentuates this to an absolute T! The song is based on a break-up when Ella was 17, but written from the point of view of speaking to a troubled best friend. she explains that, “‘If I Go’ was about whether or not I should leave a relationship, then ‘Comeback’ is the aftermath. There’s no more vulnerability, it’s a very defiant ‘f**k you”.


The song is bold, brilliant, and extremely empowering and the video is a true testament to the feel good euphoric vibe the song explodes with. I mean listen to the chorus – “we’ve all been played, we’ve all been hurt, just take the pain, let that motherf****r burn… you will find in time, that they always come back“. If that doesn’t fill your body with power and independence I don’t know what will. The London songstress seems to be on a very serious mission to prove that she really is one of the most captivating, beautiful and mind blowingly talented UK stars currently out there, and all I have to say is Mission Complete Ella, once again another song SMASHED!!! Check out the brand new video right here.




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