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ella on the run


“There’s no future, so why pretend?” sings Ella On The Run, but judging by her new single, her future seems bright and clear. After a surprisingly impressive cover of Ace of Base’s smash hit, “All That She Wants”, the Swiss-born, London-based artist shared the video for her second single off her debut EP, Undone.


“Walk Away” is a sultry synth pop number constructed all around Ella’s soothing voice, creating a texture of floating beats and atmospheric echoes that contribute to the oneiric and dreamy mood. Instead of exploding in some easy stomping chorus, the track suspends the tempo and lets the listener’s imagination fly while Ella whispers over some sparse guitar notes that sound halfway in between Kygo and the xx.


In its accompanying video, directed by Rafe Gibbon (Will Joseph Cook’s “Take Me Dancing”), Ella is found singing to a kaleidoscope of…Ellas! Regarding this choice, the singer – who also co-directed the clip – said “I wanted to highlight our generation’s obsession with ourselves by ultimately having the two Ellas gazing at each other in a kind of infatuation”. We are still quite not infatuated with ourselves, but we certainly are with you!


Watch the clip below.



Ella’s EP Undone is out now via Skruffy Records.



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