Ellen Page Opens Up About ‘Coming Out’ Speech | Film News



As the diversity debates continues in Hollywood, actress Ellen Page, star of Juno and Hard Candy, takes the topic in a new direction, by reflecting on ‘coming out. Page made her announcement at a Human Rights Campaign called Time To Thrive two years ago, prompted by the fact that she felt ‘guilty’ for not being a visible face in her community.


It’s hoped that other actors and actresses will follow her lead and open up. Ideally, though, Page would prefer if information like this didn’t have to be delivered in the form of speeches, and was just part of everyday life instead.


Sir Ian McKellan recently addressed diversity in Hollywood, by noting that no openly gay actor has ever won an Oscar; and yet, ironically, three straight actors  – Tom Hanks, Sean Penn and Philip Seymour Hoffman – have won Oscars for portraying gay characters.


It seems like Hollywood still has a long way to go if it’s to be fully inclusive.



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