Ellie Goulding – On My Mind | Music Video

On My Mind


Revenge is a dish best served with a gunshot through the door on horseback with a friend in tow, according to Ellie Goulding in the new music video for “On My Mind”. The video, directed by Emil Nava, immediately situates us in Las Vegas with shots of neon lights displaying the name, fruit machines, and the sound of coins falling. The video’s villain is a business man/lover who is quite noticeably abusive whilst Goulding remains stoic… well, until she exacts her revenge.


The British singer describes it as her “favourite video yet” and it isn’t hard to imagine why. “On My Mind” is taken from Ellie Goulding’s upcoming album Delirium which drops on November 6. Pre-order the album here and watch the video below.




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