Ellie Goulding Petitions Against Hackney Council’s Treatment Of Homeless People | Music News


Ellie Goulding has expressed her anger at a public space protection order which aims to target and ‘crack down’ on homeless sleeping areas in London – with the homeless expecting a pricey sum of up to £1000 if caught in these areas. Goulding took to Twitter to  express her concern: “homelessness isn’t a lifestyle choice. It’s a last resort and has risen 79% in London since 2010. Because people aren’t caring enough”.


Jon Sparkes, head of Crisis, has also disagreed with the PSPO, stating: “Such deterrent measures are also counterproductive. They do nothing to tackle the underlying causes of homelessness, and make it even harder for people to access the kind of support they need to move away from the streets for good. There are more sensitive and appropriate ways of tackling homelessness”.


Goulding has encouraged her Twitter followers to sign an online petition to ‘stop criminalizing Hackney’s rough sleepers’, which you can sign here.



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