Emerging Brisbane Artist Phaedra Releases Debut Single ‘Bathroom Surgery’

Australian singer-songwriter, Phaedra, has released her much-anticipated debut single titled “Bathroom Surgery.” This song ushers listeners into a captivating yet unsettling universe, where dark pop, alt-rock, and grunge converge to create a sound that’s evocative of a twisted fairy tale marked by chaos and an addictive rhythm.

Drawing inspiration from a variety of prominent artists such as Billie Eilish, Alkaline Trio, MARINA, Ecca Vandal, and PJ Harvey, Phaedra crafted “Bathroom Surgery” during a deeply challenging period in her life.

As she describes it, the song was written during “the culmination of an intense period of grief.” In the wake of her partner’s passing in 2018, Phaedra discovered solace in songwriting, using the quiet moments of her transition to a new location as the creative backdrop for her debut single.

Positioning herself as a musical surgeon ready to make her mark, Phaedra aims to delve deep into the human condition with her upcoming singles, starting with “Bathroom Surgery.”

Her raw lyrics resonate with a universal theme, exploring the darkness that often lurks within human emotions. Through her music, she navigates personal grief and emotion, treating her craft as therapeutic catharsis.

With her riveting stage performances and high-quality music already capturing the hearts of many, it is without a doubt that Phaedra’s star is on the rise. We eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this promising artist.

Immerse yourself in the unique sound of Phaedra by listening to “Bathroom Surgery” below!


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