Emerging Vancouver Artist Lazarous Shares His New Track ‘Identity Crisis’

Emerging from the dynamic music scene of Vancouver, British Columbia, the young and talented hip-hop artist, Lazarous, is making waves. Inspired by the profound sounds of hip-hop legends such as Nas, JAY-Z, and Kanye West, he began his musical journey in 2018, with the intent to bring a fresh, innovative sound to the Vancouver hip-hop scene.

Today, Lazarous is ready to captivate his listeners with his latest track, “Identity Crisis.” This introspective piece delves into the complex process of self-realization, understanding one’s identity, and reconciling personal aspirations.

With a melodic, meditative composition, Lazarous, along with Maya, encapsulates the struggles they have triumphed over. They narrate tales of confusion, self-doubt, and the complexities of racial identity. The narrative also touches upon Lazarous’s family history as immigrants escaping war-torn Sudan, determined to create a better life through relentless resilience and hope.

Lazarous discovered his passion for hip-hop at 13, marking a significant shift in his musical interests and style. His creative journey began at the age of 9, initially penning pop love songs, influenced by elementary school crushes. However, it was the resonance of old Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg records played during family gatherings that steered Lazarous toward the art of freestyling and engaging in high school rap battles.

His musical ambitions took center stage when he performed live for the first time at his high school’s fine arts night at the age of 16. Lazarous took to the stage, armed with nothing but his raw talent, engaging in an impromptu freestyle performance. The exhilarating response to his maiden live performance ignited his ambition to perfect his craft further.

Post high school, Lazarous continued to showcase his talent at fine arts nights at his university, steadily gaining recognition. His ongoing commitment to his craft signifies his passion and the promising journey that lies ahead.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing flow of Lazarous’s latest release, “Identity Crisis,” available for streaming below.


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