Emily Blunt To Join Ryan Gosling In David Leitch’s ‘The Fall Guy’

Little information but great expectations. This is how to summarize the upcoming film by David Leitch. Following the release of Leitch’s Bullet Train, starring Brad Pitt, the American director has immediately thrown himself into another incredible project, The Fall Guy.

The problem, as Deadline reveals, is that there is very little information about the film set to be premiered on March 1, 2024.

The release date is one of the few details that have been shared with the public, along with the shooting’s start period, Autumn 2022, and the place where it will take place, Australia.

And what about the plot? Nothing yet. Well, both Empire and Deadline have confirmed that The Fall Guy will be an adaptation of the 1980s TV series with the same name, which revolved around a Hollywood stuntman.

Nothing more than this has been released though. So, why are there so many expectations around The Fall Guy? Well, because of its prestigious cast. Two names are enough to generate great excitement and this is exactly what Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt did.

Gosling was the first one to be announced as part of Leitch’s cast. The American actor will eventually leave Barbie’s world, saying “goodbye” to Margot Robbie, to return to play action movies after his last release, The Gray Man.

However, the last addition to The Fall Guy has been welcomed even more by critics and fans. On August 12, Leitch confirmed that Emily Blunt will join the cast.

This could be a great sign for the British actress who became globally famous thanks to The Devil Wears Prada, because she could join another successful franchise after A Quiet Place, directed by her husband John Krasinski.

So, we can say that not much has been said but that the premises are good!


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