Eminem Announces Release Date For Upcoming Album ‘Revival’ | Music News


The Detroit rapper Eminem is finally back with a brand new album entitled Revival, however the first to give the announcement of its release date, was not him, but the producer Dr. Dre through an Instagram post in which he talks about the album as a fake prescription drug called ‘Revival’.




In the post, a fake doctor says “Today I have great news for all of you suffering from AR. You see, Revival isn’t a medication at all. Revival is the name of the new album for Eminem and it’s coming out December 15. On behalf of everyone who took part in the Revival campaign, thank you. Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing us again“.


So this new project should be out on December 15, after four years since the release of his last album Marshall Mothers LP 2, and it follows his brand new single entitled “Walk on Water” which sees the collaboration with R&B singer Beyoncé.


As the lead song of his upcoming project, the rapper has recently performed this single on the Saturday Night Live set among other tracks. Eminem has also just announced Revival some hours ago with the same post on his Instagram.



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