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cruella de vil


If she doesn’t scare you no evil thing will. A phrase to describe Cruella De Vil, but one that doesn’t come to mind when one thinks of Emma Stone. Yet it has been reported that Disney want her to play the devilish fur enthusiast in a live-action 101 Dalmatians spin-off of the character. Much like Maleficent told the tale of the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty, Disney wants to have an origin story for Cruella De Vil.


It has not been revealed what this story may contain in regards to Cruella’s past, but Disney have hired Kelly Marcel, who wrote the screenplay to Saving Mr. Banks and Fifty Shades of Grey, to write the screenplay for this inhuman beast. Emma Stone is ‘in talks’ so nothing is official quite yet and the production does not have a director. However, Disney are keen to start shooting this year so no doubt formal announcements will be coming soon.


Cruella first appeared on the big screen in the 1961 Disney animation 101 Dalmations, voiced by Betty Lou Gerson. The story followed her attempt to steal dalmations from her friends, Roger and Anita Dearly, to make into fur coats. The live-action role was immortalised by Glenn Close in 1996, who was truly frightening after watching her in Fatal Attraction. So, Emma Stone needs to pull out something special for this performance; and a psychopathic performance in another movie wouldn’t hurt either.



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