Essex Band Black Pines Release New Single ‘Power’ | Music News


Up-and-coming new band Black Pines has just released their third single “Power“.


The Essex-based group was formed in 2019 when cousins Tom Clark (lead vocals) and Jake Ringsell (guitar) began writing together. They were soon joined by keys-player Connor Sheehan and drummer Jamie Abela to form Black Pines.


The new track enjoyed radio play on the band’s local radio station, receiving high praise in April before its official release today. Their second release “Heaven’s Son” also received a play on BBC Introducing, and was described as “soulful, captivating, and magnetic” by radio DJ Ollie Winiberg, and was subsequently met with a live lounge invitation.


In-keeping with their previous two releases “Hope” and “Heaven’s Son”, the new single “Power” harnesses the explosive powerhouse vocals of lead singer Tom Clark, and combines them with compelling guitar work and a scintillating Hammond organ to create a contemporary sound that hints at an older, classic feel.


Yet “Power” moves away slightly from the more brooding, chilling sounds that could be said to characterise their previous two releases. Instead, “Power” capitalises on the full-bodied richness of Clark’s voice in a different way, creating a more uplifting, radiant sound, befitting the approach of summer.


The band will appeal to fans of Hozier, Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon, with vocals not dissimilar to those of Jeff Buckley. Listen to “Power” below:




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