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The visual effects and cinematography for the new blockbuster hit Everest looks spectacular with CGI being used to its full maximum potential. The film is based on a true story of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster in which two expedition groups are forced to try and survive in a difficult climate when disaster occurs.


The film really utilises the scale, scope and depth of its environment to its advantage in order to help intimidate the audience when watching this film. The realism approach to cinema is very beneficial to an audience wanting to engage and empathise with the characters on screen. Visual tools like fast blowing winds enables this film to create tension so that key dramatic moments feel so much more satisfying than usual.


The use of long shots help establish a landscape that is dangerous as well as being mysterious at the same time, long shots also help indicate how fragile human beings are compared to the natural world therefore highlighting the vulnerability of our species and how we must rely on our intelligence only to help us in such difficult scenarios when they arise.


The use of visual effects do indeed create an atmosphere that is able to build up suspense over a very long period of time which in return helps keep the audience members on their toes throughout the movie. This film provides the viewer with an unforgettable movie experience in which a wide of range of different emotions such as fascination, anticipation and destruction are all combined together into one coherent cinematic masterpiece.



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