Explore Themyscira And London With The ‘Wonder Woman: Origin’ Preview | Film Trailer


The first stand-alone DC feature is a mere three months away from release and today the studio has released a new trailer for Wonder Woman, which gives a more detailed look at Diana’s birthplace – Themyscira, the paradise island and then shifts to a more familiar place, situated on the territory of the UK.


Diana (Gal Gadot) has been raised to become the finest warrior among her people on the island by her mother, Queen Hyppolita (Connie Nilsen). When US army intelligence, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), accidentally crashes on the shores, Diana volunteers to take him back to his world and take part in the ongoing war against the Nazi, convinced that Ares has a finger in it.


The new trailer points out to her divine origin and showcases more of her powers and trademark attributes like the sword, the wrist braces and The Lasso Of Truth. In short, all the cool gadgets, which befit the mightiest member of the Justice League.


Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins, will debut on June 2. Feast your eyes on the new trailer at your leisure below. You are welcome!




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