‘Fast And Furious 7’ Will Use CGI Effects & Body Double For Paul Walker Scenes | Film News

Fast and Furious 7 will use body double and CGI to finish Paul Walker’s scenes


The action film Fast and Furious 7 will use a body double and CGI effects to complete Paul Walker’s scenes in the upcoming film. After Walker passed away, the studio revealed that he had a number of scenes he did not complete for the film and rumours surfaced that Walker’s character Brian O’ Conner is set to retire in the upcoming film but it has been revealed that he will still be a main character in Fast and Furious 7. A stunt person with a similar body to Walker’s will be used and his voice and face will be digitally edited on the face of the body double with Cody, Paul Walker’s younger brother, being asked to step in. The film will be released in UK cinemas on April 10, 2015.



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