Father John Misty – Holy Hell | New Music



The American singer songwriter, Father John Misty, also known as Joshua Tillman, just released a new single with very political and sad lyrics. The song comes as a response of Donald Trump’s nomination as President of the United States, and Tillman sings in this piano ballad with a troubled voice.


“Holy Hell” is very political, with lyrics such as “damn the future ain’t looking so bright…” as a jab of what will happen once Donald Trump will actually go into power as the most powerful man on Earth. Although the ballad is quite sad and emotional, it ends with reassuring lyrics “The world won’t end unless we want it to/There’s no one in control and it’s our life to choose”.


Father John Misty is trying to get out the idea that, although the world might seem to be going terrible, people still have control over their future.


Listen to the emotional ballad below.




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