Findlay – Junk Food | Music Video



Manchester group Findlay have unveiled their brand new single “Junk Food”. The song, according to vocalist Nat Findlay is “a satire of the food, diet and beauty industry”. The single comes a long way when up against “Off & On”, the group’s 2013 single which saw them endorse a more gritty rock styling.


“Junk Food” is a certain progression into the more popular and mainstream, however the band still perfectly articulate just the right level of grit to retain their original sound heard in recent years without compromising their nerve for the song’s shiny pop tint. Not only this, but Findlay are using their platform to speak out about our consumerist society and challenge what is commonly accepted as the norm – perhaps something that more people within popular culture should be embracing? Findlay’s EP Electric Bones is out now.




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