Floramay Holliday And New Bohemians Present New Single ‘My Best Friend’

Floramay Holliday, renowned for her Outlaw-Country-Americana style, is back with a heartfelt tribute, “My Best Friend.” After the recent EP Hearts Have Wings, she’s now releasing her sixth studio album, Song to Myself.

Holliday’s journey is steeped in musical history, collaborating with legends like Willie Nelson and Guy Clark. Her talent earned her a day dedicated to her contributions to Austin’s music scene.

In collaboration with New Bohemians, Holliday’s upcoming album holds special significance, notably after Brad Houser’s passing. Edie Brickell praises their musical synergy, calling the album a soulful gift.

Recorded during intense studio sessions in 2021, “My Best Friend” epitomizes the magic Holliday and New Bohemians created. Holliday reflects on the profound experience, emphasizing the collaborative spirit and the band’s admiration.

Our time in the studio was magical. We worked three twelve-hour days in the first sessions, completely losing track of time in the process. Recording this album truly was an inspiring collaboration, and I am so grateful to work with the members of New Bohemians, a band I have admired for years,” explains Holliday.

The album, a mix of country, Americana, and rock, showcases Holliday’s lyrical skills and New Bohemians’ musical groove featuring a true chemistry between the two parts.

As one of Houser’s close friends and colleagues, Edie Brickell, states, “Floramay and the New Bohemians make beautiful music together. I’m so glad Brad got to shine on this soulful album before he left this world. It’s a gift to us all.”

Despite the bittersweet circumstances surrounding its release, Song to Myself depicts love and artistic expression.

As we anticipate the album’s full release, “My Best Friend” offers a glimpse into Holliday and New Bohemians’ musical journey and their poignant tribute to friendship, loss, and the healing power of music.

Watch the video for “My Best Friend” below!


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