Florence And The Machine – Queen Of Peace + Long And Lost | Music Video


Florence and the Machine have just released an epic 10 minute long video for “Queen of Peace” and “Long and Lost”. The emotion-driven video channels the feeling of powerlessness pitted against aggression that has been a key aspect of other recent videos from her latest release How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful including those for tracks “What Kind Of Man”, “St. Jude” and “Ship To Wreck”. They form parts 1, 2 and 3 respectively of her self confessed ‘Odyssey’ of videos, with “chapters” 4 and 5 being covered by the video released today.


All the videos have a very raw sense about them, and all feature the use of hands in many forms: to restrain, to hurt, to love, to soothe. It is a very powerful idea and throughout the series of videos, Florence has truly built a visual identity surrounding both her and her music. The clips together truly build up a sense of what it means to be human – sometimes all that is left to express is the crude helplessness of emotion and that above all is conveyed. Watch the video here.




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