Florida Indie Pop Artist Plunki Shares New Single ‘Better Days’

Singer-songwriter Plunki has dropped a new tune titled “Better Days,” blending indie vibes with R&B feels. The song is like a musical road trip, reflecting on life’s fleeting moments. Plunki’s lyrics offer hope in a world of uncertainty, urging us to chase happiness.

After battling a 2-year bout of tough times, including Covid woes and heartbreak, Plunki found solace in creating “Better Days.” This time, she switched up her usual solo style, adding live bass and drums for a fresh sound. In a magical moment, her drummer, Trey McHugh, couldn’t contain his joy, exclaiming, “Oh that felt good! Woo!”

Diving into the track’s groove, you’ll notice a departure from Plunki’s previous synth-heavy hit, “EZ.” “Better Days” opts for more natural sounds, mixing live instruments with her signature synths. Plunki, hailing from Miami with its neon lights and alligators, says this fusion is where her voice truly shines.

The song captures a piece of Florida’s essence, blending Latin and Caribbean influences into a tropical pop cocktail. Plunki’s music is vibrant and energizing, like a burst of Vitamin D straight from the Florida sun. As a queer half-Cuban artist, she defies labels, infusing her songs with the sweet and the sour.

Plunki’s musical journey started early, as a child with a voice recorder, dreaming of Hollywood. Her parents, noticing her talent, gifted her a recorder, leading to her first “album” at six years old. From choir to orchestra, she honed her skills, eventually producing her songs at 14.

From playful covers to heartfelt originals, Plunki’s music is a blend of her Miami roots and LA influence. “Better Days” is a testament to her growth as an artist, reflecting on life’s ups and downs with honesty and hope. So, if you need a musical pick-me-up, give “Better Days” a listen, and let Plunki’s sunny vibes brighten your day.

Listen to “Better Days” below!



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