Florida Singer And Songwriter Taylor Ravenna Unveils Vulnerable New Single ‘Tip Toe’

In her second single “Tip Toe” from the forthcoming sophomore EP, GRLFCK, Florida born singer-songwriter Taylor Ravenna bravely bares her soul.

The track is a candid exploration of Ravenna’s struggles with alcoholism, destructive relationships, and the impending loss of her estranged father.

“Tip Toe” is a poignant relic from a dark chapter of her life – it is the last piece Ravenna created while still battling alcohol addiction.

She describes that time as a period of heartbreak, lost friendships, and overwhelming confusion. The song serves as a painful reminder of the turmoil that once characterized her life, characterized by hidden drinks, blackouts, and despair.

However, “Tip Toe” also heralds a new chapter for the artist. Now over a year sober, Ravenna describes her journey towards sobriety as a “California sober journey” starting from January 24, 2022.

Despite the trials, Ravenna remains firm in her commitment to her sobriety, viewing her music as a testament to her strength and resilience.

Raised in Florida and having moved to Los Angeles post-college, Taylor Ravenna started her musical journey by featuring on EDM tracks with DJs such as Future Magic, Barren Gates, Adam Jasim, and Heyz.

Over time, however, she felt the urge to explore beyond the EDM world and diversify her genre. This exploration led to her partnership with her best friend and frequent collaborator, Harrisun.

Together, they crafted her debut EP, Livermore Terrace, and continued to create more music, performing at various venues like House of Blues, Trip!, and SXSW.

Ravenna’s sophomore EP GRLFCK draws inspiration from a diverse array of artists, including Halsey, Kid Cudi, early 2000s Gwen Stefani, Fergie, and Nelly Furtado.

The first single “Royalty” was released during the SXSW 2023 performance, while “Tip Toe” was released on July 19. This EP is not only a testament to Ravenna’s musical evolution but also a deeply personal narrative that reflects her journey towards healing and self-discovery.

Listen to “Tip Toe” below!


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