Former 2NE1 Member Minzy Teases Her Upcoming Solo Debut | Music News


South Korea’s representative powerhouse girl group, 2NE1, officially disbanded with final song, “Goodbye”, at the end of January, but there’s a big and bright future ahead for the group’s former member, Minzy.


Reports that her solo debut was in the works had been hitting headlines since last year, but the teaser images released by Minzy’s new agency, Music Works, promise the talented young dancer’s husky and powerful vocals will be blessing our ears April 17!



The first teaser picture shows Minzy wearing casual, comfortable clothes and leaning against a wall with a heartfelt, wistful look in her eyes. Her hair is a gently blonde and tousled naturally – a stark contrast to the heavy makeup and edgy concepts of her previous 2NE1 styling.



The second teaser also features a casual outfit, but takes a more risqué pose emphasizing her gorgeous curves and her glowing skin.


Music Works uploaded the teasers to her official Facebook page, but Minzy took to her Instagram account to promote her upcoming solo debut as well. 2NE1 fans, wittily called ‘Blackjacks’, all grabbed for their tissue boxes when former member, Park Bom, left a supportive comment on one of the images.


In addition to her teasers, Minzy also uploaded a poster announcing a Makestar crowdfunding project to raise money for an album release celebration. Part of the profits will be donated to single mother shelters!


The project has currently amassed $8,000 of her $8,888 funding goal. You can support Minzy here.


Be sure to catch Minzy’s first steps into her solo career when her solo album, Uno, drops April 17 and keep your eyes peeled for more teasers!



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