FREAK – No Money | Music Video


FREAK, a young and much-appreciated British artist, has released a new music video for energetic song “No Money”.


The artist has been influenced by punk legends The Clash and Sex Pistols, which you can hear hints of in the song despite it sounding very mainstream.


On the song, he said: “This song’s about juggling crippling university fees with 10 hour shifts stacking shelves whilst your dad threatens to kick you out every other week. I wanted to get across the anxiety of being at university as well as the weight of the debt and having to work an aimless job. I want to be bold and I want to talk about real life”.


Additionally, FREAK will be performing at this year’s Reading & Leeds Festival on The Pit Stage; with a sound that perfectly suits a live atmosphere, the artist is already well-prepared!


Watch the rebellious music video for “No Money” below:




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