French Ivorian Artist MIEDJIA Unveils New Single ‘Pas Science’

MIEDJIA‘s latest song, “Pas Science,” is a true reflection of his musical journey, showcasing his love for music and his dedication to his craft.

Born and raised in Abidjan, Miedjia fell in love with music when he was young. He started writing rap lyrics and experimenting with making beats as a teenager. Collaborating with other artists like Didi B and Tayc shows how talented he is and how much he enjoys making music with others.

Miedjia has already released six albums, including popular ones like “COSMOSE” and “A La Vôtre.” His music is a mix of different styles, like African beats, trap music, and catchy pop tunes. He gets inspiration from artists he loves, like Cesaria Evora and Kanye West, and you can hear those influences in his songs.

Last August, Miedjia decided to release a new song on YouTube every single day for the whole month! This showed how creative and dedicated he is to his music. One of the songs he released during that time was “Aicha,” a collaboration with Didi B. They made the track as a tribute to some of their favorite musicians, Aïcha KONE from Ivory Coast and Khaled from Algeria.

Miedjia’s lyrics are easy to relate to. He talks about everyday things like working hard and love. For example, he says, “On fait le taf et on quitte” (We do the job and leave) and “Quand l’argent parle l’amour se tait” (When money talks, love stays quiet). These simple but meaningful lyrics connect with listeners and make his music even more special.

With “Pas Science,” Miedjia continues to grow as an artist and share his passion for music with the world. Each new song he releases is a testament to his talent and dedication, and fans can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

Listen to “Pas Science” below!


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