French Multi-Cultural Artist Lionee Returns With New Single ‘I Know You Still Taste Me’

The new single “I Know You Still Taste Me” by Lionee and Kelly brings a fresh twist to Michael Jackson’s classic hit “Liberian Girl”. Lionee, a multi-cultural artist of African descent, and Kelly, the producer, have worked together to create a unique and ethereal melody that pays homage to the King of Pop.

“I Know You Still Taste Me” speaks about a long-distance romance that has altered Lionee’s outlook on life. It retains the original essence of the classic melody while incorporating modern mixing techniques to give it a contemporary appeal. The track marks their return after taking a year-long break to hone their craft.

Since their debut in 2020 with “6 Figures,” Lionee and Kelly have been making music that reflects on their heartbreaks and cultural upbringing. They took a break in 2021 after releasing “Legit,” but they have hundreds of tracks waiting to be released.

Born Aldivaldo Tiene Garcia Pereira Bastos, Lionee grew up in Portugal before moving to France as a teenager. His upbringing reflects a blending of cultural backgrounds that is evident in his music. He draws inspiration from US Hip-Hop, Rock, Dancehall, Reggaeton, and many other styles, creating music across all genres that speaks to him personally.

“I Know You Still Taste Me” is just a small sample of what Lionee and Kelly have in store for their fans. They promise to release more tracks that showcase their artistic prowess and unique blend of musical styles. Listen to the new single below and experience the magic for yourself.

Listen to “I Know You Still Taste Me” by Lionee and Kelly below!


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